Stories & Songs

When things change in life, we are all faced with questions. Questions of who we are. Questions of who we think we are. Questions of how we will respond to this change. Questions of how our response will change our current state of life.

These questions can either sit unanswered, or they can be explored into their depths. They can be daunting or they can deliver new direction.

This year will see some changes for me personally. Some changes forged out of curiosity and some out of necessity. But all of them pushing in a new direction.

That new direction begins with you.

Experiences tend to border on the meaningless side of life without a community with which to share the journey. You are my community and I would love nothing more than to share this journey with you.

Stories & Songs is a collection of ideas and people that are interested in following their curiosity to the ends of themselves for the betterment of others.

Below is a link to sign up for updates. It's not perfect, but it's the best way to begin to give you pieces of what is going on with us. If you are curious about what that might mean, let me encourage you to try it. If what is landing in your inbox doesn't add value to your life or begins to clutter an already cluttered space, you can unsubscribe as easily as you signed up.

Let's do this!