The Realized Dream

When curiosity meets fascination, a new kind of life emerges.

A life that is marked by contentment and joy.

A life that loses track of time because the one non renewable resource we have isn't even as precious.

A life that sees multiple paths and experiences unbridled excitement rather than paralyzing anxiety.

A life that seeks out adventure and shies away from the mundane.

A week from today, Stories & Songs will be releasing its first ever single called Saints & Sinners. That, in and of itself, isn't really that exciting. Almost anyone can put a song out and release a single. This song, however, is different. Not only is it a song that has laid dormant for many years, but it marks the beginning of movement towards curiosity and fascination.

I sometimes wonder if our dreams are unattainable because we think they feel better from an unrealized distance rather than as realities that have potential for failure. I can't predict my future any more than I can predict yours, but I can tell you that the movement towards your curiosity and towards what fascinates you will ensure that your mundane moments become more memorable.