“Music and poetry are tools for connection. They allow us the opportunity to say things we wouldn’t ordinarily say to people we wouldn’t ordinarily connect with. For us, music transcends the space where judgement resides. For a brief moment we’re able to connect with people in a neutral space. And it is in this musical space, that we hope to reside.”
— Austin Smith

Austin was born and raised in and around Charlotte, NC, and after a few years of residence in Nashville, TN and Orlando, FL, he is back and living in the Queen City. He is the Worship and Creativity Pastor at Watershed in the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte and also plays solo shows in the local music scene.

His style is primarily folksy and acoustically driven with nodes of soul and rock woven into the intricacies of his vocal. It’s not stylistically different from anything you’ve ever heard before, but it may feel more authentic than what you're used to. In many aspects, the vulnerability of the lyric and vocal makes Austin’s music captivating. From raspy and raw to clean and crystal, his vocal abilities draw an audience in to every note.

Brandon was born in Indianapolis, IN and raised in Albion, MI and Gastonia, NC.  After a brief stint living in Nashville, TN he moved back to Gastonia and lives there with his family.

His style is rock, mixed with a little soul and country.  Thanks to the likes of Queen, Elton John and Brian McKnight just to name a few, his sound has been crafted by some of the greats.  The vocal prowess and performance that Brandon exudes is uniquely raw and real and will captivate you from start to finish.

Stories & Songs is a group of musicians birthed out of a desire to connect through music. Whether it is to laugh, or think, or cry, or shout, we want to make music that moves people. 



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